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Welcome to my Squidoo blog, where I share my experiences, tips and thoughts on writing online (mostly on the Squidoo platform). You can use the links on the right hand side to explore the places (and profiles) I write under.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

16 Games Like The Sims

My latest lens addition is 16 Games Like The Sims which has been a popular game series amongst me, my siblings and even girlfriend for a long time.

I played the Sims on and off but never really got into the game myself. I always found the game to slow for my liking but I enjoyed watching others play for short periods of time. I do enjoy the life simulation genre but prefer something alittle more fast paced or stat based even (see Kudos 2 on my 16 games like list).

Monday, 23 January 2012

New Lens - Games Like Diablo

My latest lens is out after hours upon hours of research, its been about a month of work but it is a game I am really passionate about (Diablo).

I remember playing the first Diablo with my uncle when I way to young for the game. I played a warrior because it was the easiest class but after seeing my uncles wizard blast through enemies with a single flame wave I was definitely hooked on the mage archetype and play it nearly exclusively in all my games.

Jump ahead a few more years I played Diablo 2 and the expansion with friends. I've probably played (and finished) Diablo 2 about a dozen times now, definitely a classic.

You can see it here: Games Like Diablo

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Minecraft Song Parodies!

Its been at least a week since I have created a news lens because my focus since the new year has been optimising news lenses (and its going great). But im here to share my latest lens hot off the presses: The Best Minecraft Song Parodies which is of course all about Minecraft song parodies.

Minecraft has been a niche of mine that I have wanted to grow for a while, so this makes number 3 out of about 10 I have planned.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Using Forum Promotion

Do you use Forum Promotion to promote your Squidoo lens? Forum promotion is a great way to target a niche audience and build backlinks at the same time. But like most things there is a right and wrong way to go about forum promotion. I encourage you to check out my lens on Forum Promotion over at Squidoo.

Diablo 3

I have long been waiting the release of Diablo, I even wrote a Diablo 3 review over 2 years ago. Alot of information has been released and unveiled since then, but we still await a release date from Blizzard. I recently added a new Diablo 3 lens to the mix one that is all about the Diablo 3 classes.

Personally im going to be running a Wizard for my first playthrough, load up on some MF and try make some money on the RMAH. Of course i'll be playing hardcore aswell and currently leaning towards a Witch Doctor for that.

Must Have and Important Computer Software

Im excited to see that a lens I created over 3 years ago is starting to perform well (Must Have Computer Software). Hopefully now with a bit of a revamp I can make a sale or two and maybe push it up to Tier 2. Not bad after its sat barely in Tier 3 for nearly the last 3 years...

The Crucible Study Guide

Now this one is an interesting lens, its my Crucible Study Guide lens. So why is it so interesting? Well for one its the ONLY lens about The Crucible on Squidoo. Thats a rare thing on something so universal (or at least american). Another reason why its so interesting is that most of content of this lens was actually a school assignment (and it scored me an A).

So why am I posting about it now? Well its been hovering just outside of Tier 2 for ages and didn't even have a sales lens to The Crucible book or the movie. So a few updates later im hoping to score a sale or even a Tier 2 payment.

Happy Squidoo-ing.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Aussie Pride Lens Revamp - Why This Great Lens Will Never Succeed

I just finished the revamp on my Aussie Pride lens on Squidoo. Its a great lens about my home country and im very proud about it (it was one of my early lenses). The problem is that it will never be a great Squidoo lens, mostly due to the lack of keyword research I did before starting this lens. It ranks highly (always 1st or 2nd) for the keywords that it targets, but the problem is these keywords lack traffic.

There are several directions I should have taken this lens for it to be a winner but it has ended up a jack of all trades and master of none lens. Hopefully the added eBay modules will  bring in some income none-the-less.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Best Torrent Sites

I finally got around to changing and improving my Best Torrent Sites lens over at Squidoo. This lens has been constantly sitting outside Tier 2 since I created about 6 months ago. I basically did a complete overhaul of this lens, adding much more content.

Hopefully we can sit nicely in Tier 2 from now on.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Squidoo Payday!

We recieved an early Squidoo payday today thanks to the 15th falling on the weekend. I had another record month on Squidoo with $385.20. I'm hoping to turn that into $500 in the coming months, I've got an extra lens sitting comfortable in Tier 1 with a few borderline.

I'm also completely re-doing anything sales related, most of my lenses have no sales modules at all so my whole payment is made up of Tier rankings, which is quite an achievement.

How To Write A Great Newspaper Article

I did a big refresher on one of my writing tip lenses today. It used to be a common tier 2 appearance but has been pushed out of this tier for the past few months, so I finally decided to add some fresh content (based on what people were coming to my lens for) and im about to start doing some strong backlink building and promoting to get back its Google ranking (it used to be 3rd for a popular keyword, its dropped to 7th now).

You can see it here: Write A Newspaper Article

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Games Like Maplestory

Another addition to my games like series, this time I tackled MapleStory and thus the MMO/MMORPG genre.

I played MapleStory for nearly 4 years back in my early online gaming days and I had a blast with my friends. I would even return on two different occasions to revive my MapleStory account (and a lot had changed). While these days some people consider it an embarrassment to have played MapleStory I wouldn't trade that time and the people I met for anything.

It was fun to relive those times and check out what other MMOs were popular, some of them have been MapleStory competitors since the start aswell.

Anyway it is available here: 9 Games Like MapleStory

Games Like League of Legends

Another lens has been finished in regards to my games like series of lenses. Lots of hours of fun went into this lens (I play all the games I review), so its a good excuse for some gaming. Hopefully it can perform as well as my games like Minecraft lens, but im doubtful based on the keyword research I've done (its still likely to sit borderline Tier 2). But the way League of Legends is growing the search trends may increase and it might be able to pick up some sales.

Either way it was extremely fun to make and im very proud of my 9 Games Like League of Legends lens.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Neopoint Guide: How To Earn Neopoints For Neopets

Another currency based Squidoo page for me, this one focuses on the Neopet currency Neopoints. The Guide, How To Make Unlimited Neopoints focuses on the basic methods available to get Neopoints (games and dailies), this comes with the benefit of needing alot of links, so hopefully lots of clickouts and a strong lensrank to match.

SquidU: Why I Quit Squidoo

Nope I'm not quitting Squidoo (I never will) but there was an interesting thread on SquidU today about someone who is quitting Squidoo due to a lack of subtopics for their lenses. Don't get me wrong I have the same issue on many of my lenses, but that doesn't mean I'm going to quit using Squidoo.

The user in question goes on to complain about Squidoo becoming to commerce like. I wanted to unload my thoughts on the forum but decided best not to.

I just find it all very confusing.

MapleStory Meso Making Guide

Finally got around to making some MapleStory focused lenses over at Squidoo and its already seeing some great traffic stats and was quickly rushed into Tier 2 within a week. Its not going to sell anything but it was a fun lens to write none the less.

it is available here:  Maplestory - Meso Making Guide

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Games Like Minecraft

Minecraft. Where do I start with this wonderful past time of mine? I had been there since the very start of its release and thus have spent (not wasted) hundreds of hours in this game. And I don't want any of them back, honestly.

Unfortunately by the time my brain clicked on to how popular minecraft was becoming I was done with it and had moved on (lots of Squidoo lens oppurtunities gone!). But I still wanted to create a great Squidoo lens about Minecraft and thats how I settled on my Games Like Minecraft lens.

Squidoo Tips: Writing Better Squidoo Lenses

If your anything like me you'll find your writing skills tend to get rusty over time. Things you know that you should be doing, don't seem to be getting done.

And that was actually the major reason why I created this lens on How To Write A Great Feature Article almost a year ago now and since then I haven't looked back. Not only did it get me thinking about my writing style on Squidoo and things I was neglecting to do, it also helped many others around Squidoo and quickly become my 2nd most liked lens after my Get Your Lens On Google Squidoo lens.

Its also been a great earner for me, constantly sitting nicely in Tier 1 or just outside of it.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Building Backlinks: Gather

I recently went on a backlink creating spree, It seems its harder and harder to get good quality backlinks in the SEO world. But after nearly a day of searching I found myself a nice little gem called Gather.

Its a mix of Squidoo and RedGage I guess, post simple posts (like Squidoo) or simply share videos and pictures (like RedGage). Overall im very satisfied with it so far, but it needs abit more testing as to how effective it really is.

You can view my Gather Profile here: Seelyon - Gather

Squidoo SEO Tips

One of the big advantages I had when I first started on Squidoo was that I already had a strong SEO background. These allowed me to quickly skip all the SEO learning and get some nicely ranked lenses fairly quickly.

Unfortunately this isn't the case for everyone, so thats why I created this lens early on in my Squidoo career to share my knowledge and experience with other lensmasters, see it here: Squidoo SEO Tips.

Funny Internet Sites

Today I want to share one of the lenses that  has always been a great performer for me and was actually one of my earliest lenses: Funny Internet Sites

Of course its a very popular topic in the online world, everyone from your child to your grandma likes and enjoys funny articles, pictures, videos or anything else remotely funny.

This one took alot of work to get listed in Google and it constantly gets a nice stream from there (about 1000 visits a week). It floats around Tier 1 status which is great for a lens that is simply my own collection of funny sites I use (i actually first made it just to keep track of my fav sites at first).

Anyway its now a great earner for me and was the first lens that I tried out many modules including the RSS, Amazon and even the Plexo.

Monday, 2 January 2012

My 2012 Goals

So we finally made it to the year 2012 and im planning a big year on Squidoo.

I've got lots of goals that I want to achieve and im looking forward to an exciting and challenging year.

Goals for 2012 include:
-200 lenses! (currently 107)
-$1000/month from Squidoo (currently about half that)
-Create some sale lenses (im yet to actually create any sale type lenses and I really want to get into it)
-Discover some new niches (ive worked my old ones to death, time to jump ship!)
-More promotion (so many great lenses that lack the promotion to be successful, part of the reason for this blog aswell I guess).

Let The Squidoo Blog Begin!

After 3 years on Squidoo I have finally decided to start a little blog about my experiences.

I don't expect to write massive posts, I mostly want a place to talk about the little bits of promotion and stat checking that I do every day hopefully to give people an insight into my methods.

Also I just want a place to promote my newest lenses. So lets see how we go.