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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Funny Internet Sites

Today I want to share one of the lenses that  has always been a great performer for me and was actually one of my earliest lenses: Funny Internet Sites

Of course its a very popular topic in the online world, everyone from your child to your grandma likes and enjoys funny articles, pictures, videos or anything else remotely funny.

This one took alot of work to get listed in Google and it constantly gets a nice stream from there (about 1000 visits a week). It floats around Tier 1 status which is great for a lens that is simply my own collection of funny sites I use (i actually first made it just to keep track of my fav sites at first).

Anyway its now a great earner for me and was the first lens that I tried out many modules including the RSS, Amazon and even the Plexo.

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