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Friday, 24 February 2012

I Got Over $200 Of Free Riot Points For League of Legends

I've been playing League of Legends on and off for the past year or so now and truly love the game experience it offers, sure that time probably could have been better spent making more lenses on Squidoo (I might have even been able to break 4 figures!). But the truth is that alot of Squidoo earnings come from League of Legends related pages that I wouldn't have been able to create with such depth if I hadn't spent all those hours playing League of Legends (and im talking 1000hours+).

My best performing lens by far has always been my Free Riot Points for League of Legends lens which enabled me to get about $230 worth of free Riot Points over the course of my year playing League of Legends. Needless to say it gave me a nice edge in buying champions and also allowed me to unlock 10 rune pages, a massive help in ranked games (see proof here)

I guess this post is remotely Squidoo related but more so its a way to say goodbye to League of Legends, I haven't played the game for several months now and my friends have also stopped playing giving me little to no reason to go back. I still have about $30 worth of Riot Points just sitting in my account as well which I wish I could gift away, oh well.

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