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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nexon Makes The Switch To Karma Koin

Why am I discussing this on my Squidoo blog? Well mostly because I recently finished a lens on the subject: Free Karma Koin and its also something interesting to discuss.

I played MapleStory on and off for about 6 years and was even in the original Beta so you could say I've been with the game for a while (although I haven't played it for ages now). Anyway the game used to run on Nexon's NX Cash for premium items but more recently Nexon made the move to Karma Koin.

Nexon is behind the idea of Karma Koin, which in essence is simple; a small percentage of all the purchase of Karma Koin prepaid cards go to charity, which of course is great. The Karma Koin are available for all Nexon games, musicshake and fantage. This list is likely to expand to even more in the future as the idea attracts other games and websites.

From a business stand point the move by Nexon to move from NX Cash to Karma Koin is pure genius. Nexon makes a tonne of the micro-transaction market, it is after all Nexon's whole business model, but now they are donating a % of that to charity so aren't they losing money? Well no, theres probably going to be a small increase in consumption with more people willing to spend an extra $10 for a good cause or people who were sitting on the fence about the idea deciding its now worth it.

But more importantly it makes use of Nexon's reach, they can deploy and dispatch these cards to an incredible amount of retailers and thats where the other websites come into the fold. Many websites want an easy method for their teen audience to use real money for micro-transactions and setting up your own system is no doubt expensive and the idea of Karma Koin is also very attractive, so they approach Nexon, get added to the Karma Koin accepted list and Nexon pockets a nice difference.

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