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Monday, 5 March 2012

Building My Wizard101 Niche

I recently just finished building my Wizard101 niche over at Squidoo, which only took me about a week or 2 to complete. The niche focuses mostly around the Wizard101 schools (of which they are 10) along with some other more general Wizard101 pages.

Creating niches is something some newer lensmasters seem to struggle with, but the backlink benefits in themselves is enough reason to start one. Also the fact that you can get a visitor on one lens to move to another lens helps bumps up your overall visits and in turn lensrank.

Heres a list of my Wizard101 school lenses:

Wizard101 School - Storm
Wizard101 School - Fire
Wizard101 School - Ice
Wizard101 School - Death
Wizard101 School - Life
Wizard101 School - Myth
Wizard101 School - Balance
Wizard101 School - Sun
Wizard101 School - Moon
Wizard101 School - Star

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