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Thursday, 1 March 2012

My First Wizzley Article - Wizard101

I decided to give Wizzley a go and try to diversify some of my earnings away from Squidoo. I was impressed with what the site had to offer, the only down side being registering for all the ad companies yourself. I decided to go with Chitika advertisements over Google Adsense on my pages mostly because it offers payments through PayPal for a minimum of $10 where as Adsense requires at least $100... If my pages on Wizzley take off then I will make the switch later on.

So anyway I decided to write my first page about a new niche I've been slowly building up around Wizard101, the game is taking off and I want in on some of the traffic that is available! The page can be found here: Wizard101, The Free Online Wizard Game.

A final points about Wizzley is that all your links are nofollow until you have 5 quality articles. An annoyance is you are looking for quick backlinks but overall it does probably increase the overall quality of the website (which is great!).

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