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Friday, 26 October 2012

My Traffic Strategy - Get Natural Backlinks

Traffic is always one of the big questions that pops up in the Squidoo world and recent discussions on the Squidoo forums has reminded me just how hard it is to grow your traffic in the early days.

Currently, I've got no shortage of traffic (100k+ weekly unique visits) but I didn't get this far by chance, its been a long and hard road but I've simplified it for new Squids on my Rank First On Google lens. It comes down to three things; Keywords > Content > Backlinks

If your struggling with keywords I recommend the Squidoo Step by Step Guide, for this post I'm going to consider content as I believe most people look over this step.

Google is always pushing this point saying that quality content always wins out and it is slowly becoming more and more true as Google tweak their algorithm to help the 'cream rise to the top' (just look at the Penguin and Panda updates).

So how does Google pick up on good quality content? Its called, natural link building and it happens when you make good quality content and have people linking to your website because its the best or most interesting on your topic.

You need to make your content the best, give people a reason to show it off and build links for you. Don't cover the same old topics without fresh information or insight. There are thousands of carbon copy pages on weight loss, money saving tips and even about writing quality content for natural backlinks.

If you want some Google ranking love and ultimately traffic, be unique. Why are you more qualified then the next person to deliver the information? And what new information or angle do you bring to the table?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Squidoo Needs More Forum Moderators

A few days ago there was a post on SquidooHQ about needing more moderators from my timezone (Australia). Originally I thought I would jump at the chance, but after seeing some discussion from the veteran lensmasters that I've grown up with about issues with new forum it was definitely a buzz kill.

I spend plenty of time on the new forum (or at least I did) but lately some underlying issues have been brought to my attention and these are things that as a moderator would be out of control. Ultimately I think it will just leave me frustrated and not looking forward to browsing the forums.

The only real positive I see coming out of being a moderator is the Squidoo PR boost it will provide, I'm always looking to grow my reputation as a serious Squidoo user (thus the focus on better blog posts). But then I'm just doing it for all the wrong reasons.

I've got till next Tuesday to decide, but right now I'm leaning towards not applying. I'll be eagerly waiting to see who gets chosen although chances are I won't recognise them.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

October Squidoo Update - 100,000 Weekly Visits

Here is an October update to what I am up to on Squidoo.

Firstly, I hit a massive milestone in terms of Squidoo traffic (100,000 weekly visits) across all my lenses, this nearly represents half a million visits across my account every month (if only I could make more sales from that). As of writing this my traffic is now up to 106,500 weekly visits.

I made a reasonably lengthy post over at the Squidoo Forums about why I've had such success on Squidoo which is worth a read for any upcoming Squid.

In other news, I've finally managed to get a friend to start writing on Squidoo, he's slowly pumping out lenses within the finance niche, its going to be tough to break into but with my help and some effort I think we can pull it off, you can view his profile here: Concatenate - Squidoo

Coming back to my own Squidoo account I am currently occupied with updating my entire Squidoo account (something I like doing twice a year), I'm just about done except for one niche that has about 50 lenses in it (My League of Legends Champion Guide Niche). After doing some keyword analysis I noticed that the majority if not all these lenses could potentially break into tier 2 (all currently are tier 3). This could potentially be a big earnings boost if I can pull it off, but its definitely going to be my toughest assignment yet.

Looking towards the slightly extended future I've also got some big plans for my 'websites' and they are in quotations because two of the three are essentially squeeze pages. I'm also looking to boost my Zujava profile eventually to diversify some earnings (and its a great platform, definitely my second pick after Squidoo).

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Squidoo Blogging - Time To Step It Up

It's time to step up my (basic) Squidoo blog, what was originally going to be a place for me to ramble about me writing online quickly turned into a place I simply posted my latest lenses for backlinks (well no more!).

With all this talk of Penguin's and Panda's floating around the web I'm going to have to focus on making this blog alot better if is going to fit into my backlinking strategy at all in the future. I've cleaned the layout up a little but for the most part I am happy with the way things are in that department, I don't have any plans to make the blog flashy or even move it off free hosting/put ads on it.

This move has also come about from my increased focus on Squidoo, I definitely feel like I've got more 'eyes' on me these days and I'd like people to come to this blog and not just see a bunch of links to my profiles and latest lenses but hopefully a few more interesting things. Mind you, its only taken me 4 years.

So, starting today all future posts will revolve around quality and I might even start targeting some long-tail keywords and then directing those hits towards my lenses.

I felt a fitting image was also needed and this was all I could find.

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I've also disabled captcha for the time being, all comments are approved so spammers stay away. I'll flick it back if I have any issues (blog comments are NoFollow anyway and anyone using blog commentating for backlinks should really get with the times). But hopefully it will encourage the odd comment.