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Thursday, 18 October 2012

October Squidoo Update - 100,000 Weekly Visits

Here is an October update to what I am up to on Squidoo.

Firstly, I hit a massive milestone in terms of Squidoo traffic (100,000 weekly visits) across all my lenses, this nearly represents half a million visits across my account every month (if only I could make more sales from that). As of writing this my traffic is now up to 106,500 weekly visits.

I made a reasonably lengthy post over at the Squidoo Forums about why I've had such success on Squidoo which is worth a read for any upcoming Squid.

In other news, I've finally managed to get a friend to start writing on Squidoo, he's slowly pumping out lenses within the finance niche, its going to be tough to break into but with my help and some effort I think we can pull it off, you can view his profile here: Concatenate - Squidoo

Coming back to my own Squidoo account I am currently occupied with updating my entire Squidoo account (something I like doing twice a year), I'm just about done except for one niche that has about 50 lenses in it (My League of Legends Champion Guide Niche). After doing some keyword analysis I noticed that the majority if not all these lenses could potentially break into tier 2 (all currently are tier 3). This could potentially be a big earnings boost if I can pull it off, but its definitely going to be my toughest assignment yet.

Looking towards the slightly extended future I've also got some big plans for my 'websites' and they are in quotations because two of the three are essentially squeeze pages. I'm also looking to boost my Zujava profile eventually to diversify some earnings (and its a great platform, definitely my second pick after Squidoo).

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