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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Squidoo Blogging - Time To Step It Up

It's time to step up my (basic) Squidoo blog, what was originally going to be a place for me to ramble about me writing online quickly turned into a place I simply posted my latest lenses for backlinks (well no more!).

With all this talk of Penguin's and Panda's floating around the web I'm going to have to focus on making this blog alot better if is going to fit into my backlinking strategy at all in the future. I've cleaned the layout up a little but for the most part I am happy with the way things are in that department, I don't have any plans to make the blog flashy or even move it off free hosting/put ads on it.

This move has also come about from my increased focus on Squidoo, I definitely feel like I've got more 'eyes' on me these days and I'd like people to come to this blog and not just see a bunch of links to my profiles and latest lenses but hopefully a few more interesting things. Mind you, its only taken me 4 years.

So, starting today all future posts will revolve around quality and I might even start targeting some long-tail keywords and then directing those hits towards my lenses.

I felt a fitting image was also needed and this was all I could find.

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I've also disabled captcha for the time being, all comments are approved so spammers stay away. I'll flick it back if I have any issues (blog comments are NoFollow anyway and anyone using blog commentating for backlinks should really get with the times). But hopefully it will encourage the odd comment.

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