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Friday, 19 October 2012

Squidoo Needs More Forum Moderators

A few days ago there was a post on SquidooHQ about needing more moderators from my timezone (Australia). Originally I thought I would jump at the chance, but after seeing some discussion from the veteran lensmasters that I've grown up with about issues with new forum it was definitely a buzz kill.

I spend plenty of time on the new forum (or at least I did) but lately some underlying issues have been brought to my attention and these are things that as a moderator would be out of control. Ultimately I think it will just leave me frustrated and not looking forward to browsing the forums.

The only real positive I see coming out of being a moderator is the Squidoo PR boost it will provide, I'm always looking to grow my reputation as a serious Squidoo user (thus the focus on better blog posts). But then I'm just doing it for all the wrong reasons.

I've got till next Tuesday to decide, but right now I'm leaning towards not applying. I'll be eagerly waiting to see who gets chosen although chances are I won't recognise them.

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