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Friday, 23 November 2012

2 New Squidoo Lenses & Uni Holidays

I managed to be very productive after finishing my exams earlier this week, quickly publishing two lenses that I had been meaning to work on for a while.

The first lens covers the best game consoles and was really just a small experiment using the SquidTools box builder (which has been coming up alot lately on the forum). I've also been looking into creating more sales orientated lenses to protect myself against the ever increasing competition for tier payments. This made the lens a great kill two birds with one stone situation and it is already showing some good results, so hopefully it will be a winner this Christmas.

My second lens was inspired by a discussion I saw recently on a forum about ways to ease the pain of Christmas costs and Amazon gift cards was the focus. As such I decided to piece them together, throw in an affiliate link (to PrizeRebel.com) and see how it goes. it was a fun lens to make and I'm hoping it will see some success. You can see it here

Now that I'm on university holidays I've got some big plans for my websites (which are really just simple affiliate squeeze pages) and also build on my Games Like series of lenses (I've got about 30 lens ideas just waiting to be created). I'm also going to continue to grow my new YouTube Channel which has already built up 111 subscribers after two weeks. I've also meet the requirements of the SocialBlade partnership program so I've applied for that.

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