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Friday, 2 November 2012

Create A Great User Experience - Using Similar Content

A recent thread over at the Squidoo forums got my brain flowing on a new blog post today. The topic in question was about using duplicate introductions for a series of lenses and generated some great discussion.

I felt the issue was close at heart because its something I've had to tackle in a few niches, you can see my thoughts on the forum thread here.

To summarise the thread posed the question about whether or not duplicate introductions was an issue (from both a Squidoo and Google perspective). With the general consensus being that:

  • A copied chunk of text is never a good thing to repeat (both for Squidoo/Google).
  • Repeating two-three sentences over a series of lenses create a good user experience.
I discussed this pretty heavily along with other lensmasters in my post so I won't repeat it too much. Just got me thinking about creating good user experiences, something I'll hopefully touch on in future posts.

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