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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Latest Two Lenses

Just finished another two lenses which makes 7 for my new sites like niche. As I mentioned in my last post I try to always start with 7 lenses in a new niche thanks to the discovery module.

These two lenses are also probably the last two for the year as we head into the last half of the busy christmas season.

You can check them out below:
Sites Like Chatroulette
Sites Like eBay

My next blog post will mostly discuss my 2012 journey on Squidoo and what my plans are for the new year, can't wait!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Squidoo Payday & New Lens Series

An early December Payday from Squidoo which is also the biggest payment ever according to this SquidooHQ Post, it comes as no surprise though as this is royalties for the Halloween season which is always big on Squidoo. Not to mention the $70+ dollars for tier 1 and tier 2 hitting $13.

My payday was 22% larger than the previous month, another great increase. All the hard work I put in at the start-mid part of the year is starting to pay off, I don't see any payday increases for the next few months as my earnings have peaked to their potential. I need to get some more lenses out to grab some more tier payments.

It was nice to see that one of my lenses (best tycoon games) nearly managed to earn me $100 alone through sales and tier payments, something I haven't achieved but hopefully in the coming months I will (it fell only $4 short).

In other Squidoo related news I just started a new niche which is all about websites, I'm going to make 7 lenses (perfect for the discovery module) and then see how it goes before creating more depending on the results. This is how I approach most new niches because they generally only start to perform well once you have at least 5 or 6 and since the discovery module can display 6 other lenses I always opt to make 7.

I have already completed some:
7 Sites Like Google
10 Sites Like YouTube
9 Sites Like Tumblr
11 Sites Like Facebook
11 Sites Like Craigslist

Anyway, that is all for today so happy Squidoo payday everyone!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Squidoo Turns 7 & Goes Responsive

Yesterday Squidoo turned 7 (happy birthday Squidoo), to celebrate they revamped their entire website with a responsive layout (much to the upset of lensmasters).

So what is a responsive layout? Responsive layouts automatically adjust to screen size and are becoming increasingly popular due to the increase in mobile web browsing. With a responsive layout your website will look good on the computer and on mobile or tablet devices (learn more here). Squidoo also made a handful of other changes (some of which have already been reverted, thankfully!)

Within the first few hours of the layout change the forums were going crazy (and not about Squidoo turning 7), you can see one such thread here. Needless to say there were alot of unhappy Squids due to the timing of this huge change (during the Christmas sale season) and the maybe not quite ready delivery of the system (it was very buggy going live). People with heavy reliance on HTML and CSS were of course heavily hit by this changes, thankfully I am not one of them. However, I definitely feel for the lensmasters that rely on these codes when creating lenses.

Squidoo quickly jumped on a few of the nagging issues (just like they always do). Squidoo likes changing things on us all the time and while they sometimes go live with a few glitches Squidoo has never failed to iron these out very quickly.

My two biggest issues with the new layout were quickly fixed. My first issue was that text module images had been moved to the left handside, which made all pages feel very one-sided and definitely didn't work with the Amazon Spotlight, they tended to all just blend in. My second issue was the grey 'buy' buttons replacing the bright orange, definitely not as appealing to buyers or easy to see.

So happy birthday Squidoo! Hopefully it isn't the birthday that gets remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December Payday Numbers Are In!

The payment amounts for December are in (you can see them here), this represents the amount of money each lens has earned for the month of October and should be paid out in just over a week.

Assuming you've got text link ads turned on your payday will look like this:
Tier 1 - $76.82
Tier 2 - $13.06
Tier 3 - $0.65

These numbers are simply fantastic, they are way higher then they have ever been and I simply cannot wait to see my payday for this month, I am expecting another big increase thanks to the tier payments growth and all the work I've put in.

I remember back when Squidoo tier 1 was $15, tier 2 was a couple of dollars and tier 3 was $0.08. It is simply amazing how far the Squidoo platform has come in that time and how it continues to grow.

Could tier 1 lenses be worth $100/month by this time next year? Tier 1 was paying roughly $50 at the start of 2012 so it definitely is a possibility (see Squidoo payday History).

So are you expecting a nice payday?