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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December Payday Numbers Are In!

The payment amounts for December are in (you can see them here), this represents the amount of money each lens has earned for the month of October and should be paid out in just over a week.

Assuming you've got text link ads turned on your payday will look like this:
Tier 1 - $76.82
Tier 2 - $13.06
Tier 3 - $0.65

These numbers are simply fantastic, they are way higher then they have ever been and I simply cannot wait to see my payday for this month, I am expecting another big increase thanks to the tier payments growth and all the work I've put in.

I remember back when Squidoo tier 1 was $15, tier 2 was a couple of dollars and tier 3 was $0.08. It is simply amazing how far the Squidoo platform has come in that time and how it continues to grow.

Could tier 1 lenses be worth $100/month by this time next year? Tier 1 was paying roughly $50 at the start of 2012 so it definitely is a possibility (see Squidoo payday History).

So are you expecting a nice payday?

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