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Sunday, 27 January 2013

4 Simple Steps That Took Me From $0 to $150 In Monthly Sales

I'm ashamed to admit that in my first 4 years on Squidoo I sold two (maybe three) items, I had success with traffic and thus tier payments but regular sales still eluded me.

On my 4th Squidoo birthday I decided that enough was enough and I wanted to be at least making $50 of monthly sales by my 5th birthday.

So here I am just under 11 months later (my Squid birthday is in March) and I am happy to announce that I am now making $150 worth of monthly sales each month and averaging about 6 sales every day. Sure my traffic increased during the year but the key to the sales was 4 very simple things that I applied to all my lenses.

Hopefully they can work just as well for you.

1 - Amazon Sidebar Widgets
The first one is simply and easy. For those of you that aren't aware you can add up to 3 Amazon Spotlight style modules in your sidebar. For every one of my lenses I always fill up this section with items relevant to my lens or the audience I know that my lens will attract.

I find that short but insightful descriptions also work best in these side bar slots.

2 - Pictures With Amazon Links
This step also ties into crediting your images. Originaly I was using alot of game screenshots for my niche (under Fair Use) but instead I now replace these with the game box and link the image to the same product on Amazon.

So where possible, try to use Amazon product images on your lenses and link them directly to the product, this one will probably depend on your niche though.

3 - Amazon Spotlight Modules (& Good Descriptions)
For some reason I never liked using this module (I think I was just too lazy to come up with a 'sales pitch' to but in the description). This module was probably the biggest contributor to my sales boost and should come as no surprise to most people as HQ is constantly pushing the use of this module (and why not).

4 - Related Products
Something I try to do on lenses that just don't attract buyers. For example I have a lens which features a collection of games like Moshi Monsters (a popular game for kids). Of course kids aren't going to buy anything through my lens but if I feature some Moshi Monster merchandise that the child visits and their parents are a regular Amazon shopper then I can get credit for the sales.

So those are my four simple but effective sales boosting tips. Do you have a greattrick to boost Amazon sales? Share it below.

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