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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Back To Making Squidoo Lenses

After taking a brief break from Squidoo to make some more pages on my two squeeze pages for PrizeRebel (GAFF and UGC). I'm back to making Squidoo lenses (yay).

Its been nearly a whole month since I created some lenses and this was the first time I used the new workshop (since the responsive changes). I had read that the workshop got abit buggy after the changes but its now fixed, not sure what that was about since I never experienced it.

Back to the point these two lenses are all about my games like series again and I had forgotten how much I love this lens niche of mine, I get to play plenty of great games and write about them on Squidoo.

You can check them out here:
Games Like Harvest Moon
Games Like Stardoll

I've got 33 more WIP lenses which I am hoping to finish most by the end of January which I think is just possible considering I'm on holidays from university and are putting in 12-14hr days on Squidoo. If I am 'in the zone' I can finish most of these lenses in 6-10hrs depending on the lens so I can probably average 1.5 lenses a day.

Its a big ask but I pulled off a similar goal last year and I enjoyed the benefits from my hard work all year round so I would love to do it again.

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