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Thursday, 14 February 2013

February Payday, Pins Part Of Lensrank,10k Views and Partner Spotlight!

Big post today!

Today marks the February payday for Squidoo (for royalties earned during December). As expected it was a very poor payment for me which happens every December.

This is due to my lack of Christmas lenses (I have 0) and the fact that Christmas lenses take away my tier 1 and 2 spots. The pain was alot less this year than previous years because I've built up a decent amount of sales and Christmas often brings extra sales.

If you are looking for a number, my revenue dropped by 20% for the Christmas month. In comparison last year I saw a 50% drop in revenue for the month of December so it's definitely an improvement and something I hope to focus on the future (by applying the tips from my previous post).

Keeping on the Squidoo tone Tom recently announced on the HQ forums that Pinterest pins form part of the lensrank algorithm, this is simply huge news for HQ to announce a lensrank factor and needless to say it caused alot of controversy. I always kind of thought that the social buttons on our lenses played an impact but the issue with Pinterest is the obvious copyright issues and ease of gaming it offers. Tom did later confirm it will not turn a bad lens into a good one. You can see his posts below:

Post 1
Post 2

In other news my blog has now been viewed over 10,000 times, while this is only equal to my top lens weekly traffic it's still a great achievement considering I've only been really working on my blog in the past few months.

Now for some very exciting news! My YouTube channel was featured as part of SocialBlade's Partner Spotlight series, hopefully a great boost to my channel!

These videos always attract alot of hate unfortunately (because they are all 'gaming' channels), most receive 50/50 on likes and dislikes so aslong as I get more likes I'll be happy.


  1. How do you get so many top tier lenses at once what is your strategy do you go with keywords of a certain competiton and search volume?

    1. Hey Ashley,

      My lenses rely mostly on incoming traffic from Google and social media for their lensrank, this means that the traffic coverts fairly highly as well.

      My strategy involves choosing medium to high search volume keywords and making my lenses one of the best (if not the best) resource for the question/query people are searching for. For my niche (gaming) I have the added benefit that a lot of my audience is constantly online so there is plenty of traffic out there.

      I originally started (5 years ago now) with lower competition keywords but as I have slowly built up a following and a strong online presence I've moved into higher competition areas.

      I'd like to say I've had this much success from the start but it was only this year that I started doing well on Squidoo after years of struggling.

      I don't do anything fancy or have any guru style tricks up my sleeve other than writing well about a topic I am passionate about. I do have a basic SEO overview on my Squidoo profile that may help depending on your level of knowledge that does include some good promotional places I use.

      I recommend reading some lenses by the older lensmasters that originally inspired me like GreekGeek, Spirituality and aj2008. I owe everything I've learnt to them by quietly listening in the background for the past few years.

      If you have anymore specific questions, don't hesitate to ask.