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Monday, 18 March 2013

Blog Cleanout

I was just checking out Webmaster Tools for one of my websites (one that has been struggling as of late) and was shocked to see that I had 300+ links coming from blogger, making it my number one source for backlinks!

This is definitely not something I wanted and I figured it was probably hurting my website with all the new Penguin and Panda updates that Google is flying at us. Looking further into the issue I noticed that my blog archive pages were being indexed by Google, something I really don't want since it means your content is double indexed.

Google is smart enough not to hit you with duplicate content penalties, but there is definitely no positive reason to have it all indexed in Google. As such I disabled all archive and tag indexing which should help out.

While going back I also decided to clear out some of my older low quality blog posts to cut down on poor content even more. Hopefully it will help boost my blog and my linked website.

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