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Friday, 22 March 2013

New Website And 2 Squidoo Top 100 Lenses

I'm excited to share that my new website is now live and has got 10 game reviews up so far (I plan to have several 100 eventually). The website is available at http://gameslikefinder.com/. I'm mostly still experimenting with things for now but the core features are already there. You can also find the Games Finder RSS feed on feedburner for those that like to subscribe.

I'm also very excited to announce I now have two lenses in the Squidoo top 100 (first time ever), I'm thinking a combination of the Squidoo changes (like and blessing restrictions) and increasing traffic to the particular lens are the main reasons for its success.

In other Squidoo related news I managed to finish going over all my lenses, I had very little to fix up and only had to delete a few lenses which I no longer had a passion for. I'm very confident in the Squidoo platform moving forward and can't wait to be part of the new and improved (number one) writing platform.

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