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Friday, 12 April 2013

April Payday - Website Updates - Over Squidoo Community

Today was April payday for Squidoo, it fell about 15-20% short of previous months payment but that was due to the sharp drop in tier payments that occur during this time of the year (deleting a lot of lenses from Squidoo and the Google slap didn't help either).

It will pick up over the next few months as it always does and I've increased my number of tier 1 and 2 lenses with some recent tweaking (along with the fact that there is less junk to compete with, yay Squidoo!)

My website is growing nicely (Games Like Finder) it is a bit annoying that I can't really launch it with some powerful DoFollow links from my own Squidoo articles that I've spent 5 years building up, but hopefully that won't be too far away.

To finish off I realised today that I am just over being part of the Squidoo community in general and really miss the old SquidU forum. I can't really put it into words and I probably shouldn't but I just don't feel like I fit into the new forum or even the Yuku forum. Can't really explain it, but had to get it on paper (online paper anyway) and out my head.