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Saturday, 18 May 2013

May Payday & More Squidoo Changes

The other day was May payday at Squidoo. Tier payments were way down (back to 2010 levels) due to the reduced site traffic and continued site cleanup that Squidoo is performing.

Thankfully my earnings are holding steady thanks to the large amount of work I put in over December-January. While I obviously expected this work to help my earnings reach a whole new level it ended up just balancing out the reduced earnings. I can't complain though many other long time lensmasters have had huge earning drops across their accounts (and I would be one of them had I not worked my ass off for 2 months straight).

Provided Squidoo keeps going with the cleanup earnings will slowly start to pick up in the mid-end part of the year as they always do.

I'm happy with the progress Squidoo is making thus far but it still pains me everytime I visit the forums and see people posting about locked lenses. I always take the time to check out a cached version of the pages and some are definitely getting caught up by mistake which is unfortunate.

I still can't get over the fact that Squidoo should have been working towards site cleanup years ago when HubPages was first hit. Had Squidoo stepped up its game there and then they could have introduced new standards slowly overtime making it a better experience for everyone.

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