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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Why You Won’t See Me Touching My Squidoo Account For A While

Two blog posts within 10 days of each other? Now that is a new record for me here on my Sam The Squid Squidoo Blog.
As usual I’m just dumping thoughts onto my blog so take it with a grain of salt. But today I wanted to touch on my main concerns on the Squidoo platform and why I won’t be touching my account any time soon. I haven’t touched 99% of my lenses since early this month when I went through them all one by one to check for any issues in relation to the new Squidoo filters, mostly because of a motivation drain on Squidoo I’ve ignored my account.
I would like to touch briefly on the fact that my lensrank is going up and up despite my absence obviously due to the continued clean up (both deserving and undeserving lenses) and the fact that you no longer have to compete against accounts updating their lenses every single day.
Back to the whole point of this post the two biggest reasons you won’t see me on Squidoo anytime soon is twofold:

-A lot of motivation for building Squidoo was the idea that in a few years time if I decided to launch my own website I’d be able to use my long term commitment to Squidoo to give it a nice boost (as it would be related to my Squidoo articles). With Squidoo going NoFollow and no sign that they are going to add DoFollow back anytime soon, I’ve lost 50% of my motivation right there.

-The second reason is the most obvious and will be the one that most people relate with. The fact that Squidoo is going through extremely rapid changes and it’s hard to predict what the future holds for the site in terms of earnings. I have about a dozen article ideas left sitting WIP on my dashboard and previously my philosophy was to publish lenses that would make tier 2 on Squidoo (based on predictions) but if I didn’t feel it would make a tier 2 payout I’d post it elsewhere instead. With Squidoo’s earning drop the gap between a tier 2 Squidoo lens and it being published on other platforms or my own is becoming smaller. I’m financially minded and my choose of platform is generally focused entirely on a monetary decision although (NoFollow/DoFollow) does also come into it which reduces Squidoo’s attractiveness further as all the other platforms (HubPages, Zujava and Wizzley) offer me some DoFollow links back to my other articles ultimately strengthening my portfolio.
That about wraps up todays lengthy rant, my head is definitely clearer now. As a final note I’d just like to say that I love Squidoo and I have no doubt in a few months I’ll be back to publishing regular articles, I just can’t find that motivation currently (just like most lensmasters). But I can’t wait to get back to Squidoo and hopefully they’ll come through without losing too many long time lensmasters along the way and be a stronger platform in the end.

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